D&D 5E: Dragon Lance Shadow of the Dragon Queen

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Enlist in the War of the Lance 

Takhisis the Dragon Queen has returned to the world of Krynn. Across the land, her armies of fanatical draconians wage a brutal war of conquest. As the Dragon Armies march on the unprepared nation of Solamnia, only the defenders of the city of Kalaman stand in their way. But the Dragon Armies want more than just to crush their foes. An ancient evil in the Dragon Queen’s service seeks a magical weapon that could dominate Krynn for all time. 

Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen is a tale of conflict and defiance set during the legendary War of the Lance. Create characters from Krynn, the world of the Dragonlance setting, then march them to the front lines of battle against the terrifying Dragon Armies. 

  • Introduces the Kender race for player characters to use in the D&D Beyond character builder
  • Adds the Lunar Sorcery subclass to imbue sorcerers with lunar magic from Krynn's three mystical moons
  • Brings new backgrounds like the Knights of Solamnia and Mages of High Sorcery to use in character creation 
  • Gives Dungeon Masters everything they need to run D&D campaigns set in Dragonlance during the War of the Lance 
  • Fight against legendary villains like Lord Soth and legions of draconians, dragons, and other servants of the Dragon Queen in the encounter builder 
  • Brings war as a genre of play to Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition
  • Contains a poster map depicting the continent of Ansalon and the Kalaman theater of war. 

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